01 MAY - 30 JUNE
Sandstone Point

What is professional teeth whitening and why is this offer special?
Professional teeth whitening at Beyond Dental Care involves an in-chair treatment that delivers stunning results in just one appointment. Our experienced dentists protect your gums and apply a highly concentrated gel to your smile line, ensuring a safe and effective whitening process that will leave you with a noticeably brighter smile. This $199 Teeth Whitening promotion provides an exceptional value for a transformative dental experience.

Can I whiten my teeth at home with this promotion?
Yes, as part of our special offer, you will receive a take-home whitening kit for added convenience and Pola Night whitening gel for an even more radiant smile. Custom-engineered whitening trays fit your teeth perfectly, allowing you to whiten your smile line for a minimum of 90 minutes each day at a time that suits you.

How will the dentist assess if teeth whitening is right for me?
Upon your arrival, our skilled dentists will thoroughly assess your teeth to determine if professional teeth whitening is the best option for you. We prioritise your oral health and only proceed with treatments that are suitable and safe for you.

How can I join the promotion and book an appointment?
To take advantage of our $199 Teeth Whitening promotion, simply book an appointment at one of our two modern dental practices. Our dentists specialise in teeth whitening treatments and are here to transform your smile and boost your confidence.


Ready to dazzle at your upcoming wedding, formal, interview, or big date? Or simply looking for a confidence boost because you deserve it? Teeth whitening is an easy, painless, quick, and affordable way to elevate your smile. Don’t miss this amazing $199 Teeth Whitening Package, which includes an initial consultation, custom whitening trays for top and bottom teeth, and two tubes of Pola Night whitening gel.

When: May 1st to June 30th
How to Book: Use Online Booking Form to schedule your appointment

Experience astonishing results and a brighter, whiter smile in just one visit. Don’t wait – embrace the fast, simple, and convenient solution that teeth whitening offers. Book your appointment today and let us help you shine with confidence on every occasion.

Select a dental practice to book your appointment for our $199 Teeth Whitening promotion, and enjoy the special offers exclusively available during this limited-time campaign.

Enhance your teeth whitening results with our professional Teeth Cleaning and/or Invisalign® treatments.

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01 MAY
Sandstone Point
  • $199 Package includes initial consultation, custom whitening trays for top and bottom teeth and two tubes of Pola Night whitening gel.
  • You must have had a clean and check-up with a dentist at Beyond Dental Care in the last 6 months before the initial consultation. Otherwise, you will need to book in for a clean and check-up with us before booking the teeth whitening treatment.
  • At the initial teeth whitening consultation the dentist will assess whether the teeth whitening package is a suitable treatment for you.
  • Not available in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Campaign starts on 1 May 2023 and ends 30 June 2023.

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