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Updated 10 Aug 2023

Beyond Dental Care’s cancellation policy requires that patients give at least 48hrs notice in the event that they cannot attend a scheduled appointment. This allows the appointment time to be allocated to other patients in need of treatment.

Beyond Dental Care has a very clear policy in relation to cancellation of appointments within the 48hr period prior to an appointment, for any reason.

if a patient fails to twice attend a booked/scheduled appointment without giving us 48 hours’ notice then a deposit will be necessary to secure a future appointment. The patient must pay a deposit of $50 to rebook their appointment, paid at the time of appointment is rescheduled, over the phone or in person.

In the event that the patient attends the appointment that they have paid the deposit for, the $50 will be deducted from their treatment total. If they fail to attend the appointment that they have paid the deposit on, the $50 deposit will be forfeited.

This will apply to all patients until they have attended five consecutive appointments booked with the $50 deposit paid to secure each appointment. After this point, the patient may schedule appointments without paying the $50 deposit. After this point, if the patient fails to attend one subsequent appointment without providing at least 48hrs notice, the $50 deposit becomes applicable once again.