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Dental Brand Design Philosophy

The Meaning Behind Beyond Dental Care

The Feeling
Our Dental Brand Design Guide

Brand Identity
in Dentistry

A strong brand identity helps dental practices build trust, recognition, and differentiation in a competitive market. Consistent visual design and messaging convey professionalism and reliability, ultimately attracting and reassuring patients.

Beyond Dental Care’s dental brand design embodies our core values of compassionate, affordable, and gentle care. We’ve carefully chosen elements that convey calmness, trust, and the transformative power of a healthy smile, echoing the positive patient experience we strive to provide.

Dental Brand Identity The Logo Concept

Our logo is a visual representation of Beyond Dental Care’s mission to create beautiful, confident smiles. It combines classic dental imagery with elements that symbolize our patient-centered approach, respecting our patients’ individual preferences, inclusivity, and diversity.

To design the logo, we drew inspiration from the transformative nature of dentistry. A healthy, confident smile goes beyond simple aesthetics. Dentistry impacts a person’s well-being, relationships, and outlook on life.

  • Tooth is the foundation of our logo. It signifies our dental care expertise.
  • Leafy Motif represents growth, vitality, and the positive change a beautiful smile can create. This motif also conveys our gentle, nurturing approach.
  • The calming blue tones in our logo symbolise trust, professionalism, and security. The warm accent colour adds a personal touch, reflecting our commitment to personalised care.
Beyond Dental Care Logo Sketch
Beyond aesthetics

Our logo wasn’t born in a flash of inspiration. It was a journey of exploration and refinement. Initially, we fixated on the obvious – crisp tooth icons, maybe a smile graphic for warmth. But those concepts felt generic, failing to capture the heart of what we do at Beyond Dental Care.

One afternoon, while sketching out ideas, a patient walked in with a beaming smile after a procedure. It wasn’t just about aesthetics; their whole outlook seemed brighter. That’s when it clicked – that’s what we wanted to represent!

We sketched trees – strong, rooted, their branches reaching upwards, symbolising the transformative power of improving dental health. We wanted something calming, reassuring, yet with a touch of warmth.

The final design felt right. The tree represents growth and vitality. Our unique colour palette communicates both professionalism and compassionate care. A lot of thought and a little bit of serendipity went into the logo you see today!

Dental Brand Design Guide
Downloadable Logo Assets

Whether it’s an article, a blog post, a press release, or a corporate gathering, our top-notch ready logo designs will look great in any setting. Please use an original logo format. In other cases, our versatile secondary logo is also perfect for any occasion.

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original dark
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square icon
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secondary dark
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Dental Brand Design Guide

Our Primary Colour Scheme

Colour plays a crucial role in how people perceive a brand. Our colour palette is thoughtfully designed to reflect our core values and create a specific emotional atmosphere.

Oceanic Calmness


Unique Elegance


Dreamy Night Sky


  • Oceanic Calmness (#41bae3): This primary shade of blue instils a sense of tranquillity and professionalism. It reminds patients of the calming atmosphere we strive for in our clinics, putting them at ease.
  • Unique Elegance (#c62a41): This warm and inviting accent colour symbolizes our dedication to high-quality, personalized care for each patient.
  • Dreamy Night Sky (#223a5b): This deep blue suggests stability and trust. It also represents the transformative possibilities of our cosmetic dental services and the positive change we aim to bring to our patients’ lives.
Beyond the Design
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Our colour palette comes to life on our website, throughout our clinics’ interiors, in staff uniforms, and in our marketing materials, ensuring a consistent brand experience. Discover the calming atmosphere and compassionate care first-hand. Schedule an appointment for a tangible experience of our brand identity.

Your Smile
& Experience

We understand that the way dental treatment is perceived depends on previous experience. We recognise that many people experience dental fear due to poor dentist behaviour, treatment, or communication. We know that the only way to overcome this is to have an experience that truly delights you. We take the time to get to know and understand you and to allow you to get to know and trust us. Trust and mutual understanding are paramount to your experience.

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