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Do you need Tooth Fillings? If so, our QLD Dentists provide mercury-free composite resin fillings for their superior aesthetics, durability and reliability. Shade-matched to your existing tooth colour, they blend seamlessly into your smile so no one will ever know your secret.

A Versatile Solution To Tooth Restoration

Our experienced dentists use white dental fillings at our Dental Clinic to fix cavities caused by tooth decay, replace old unsightly amalgam fillings, and support weakened teeth. They’re also used to carry out ‘invisible’ repairs to fine cracks and fractures. And, because these fillings are expertly coloured to match the surrounding teeth, they’re extremely difficult to notice.

Advancements in dental technology over the years also means that composite fillings are stronger than ever before. Our patients can benefit from a white filling in any area of their mouth without feeling concerned that it may crack.

Tooth Fillings – The Procedure

In most cases, our Dentists will administer a local anaesthetic to numb the area of the mouth where the affected tooth is located.

Moisture must be prevented from coming into contact with the composite resin, so first, the tooth to be filled is isolated with a rubber dam or small sheet of rubber.

The next step of the procedure is for our Dentist to remove any decayed material or damaged pulp from the tooth, after which the cavity is shaped to accommodate the filling.

Etching gel is then applied inside the cavity to help the composite material remain in place. The resin is applied in layers with a ‘curing light’ used to harden each one.

Once the cavity is full, the dental filling will be shaped to fit in with your bite, buffed and polished to a sheen by the dentist so that it closely resembles a natural tooth.

Naturally, the larger the cavity, the more time it takes to complete the dental filling. However, on average, most people requiring Tooth Fillings at our clinic can allow for a visit lasting no more than one hour.

Don’t Let A Cavity Spoil Your Smile

If you need Tooth Fillings, then we’re here to help. Our composite fillings are expertly coloured and shaped to resemble your natural tooth so no one will spot the difference. Contact Beyond Dental Care today to arrange your appointment

How Long Do Composite Tooth Fillings Last?

Whilst composite fillings don’t last as long as amalgam, they are a strong restoration that should last between seven to ten years and sometimes longer, depending on their position in the mouth.

That said, lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking coffee and red wine, or eating curries may cause discolouration over time. This is why it’s important to adopt a strict oral routine at home and visit your Dentist regularly for a professional clean.

What If I Need A Large Dental Filling?

Sometimes, if there isn’t sufficient tooth structure remaining to contain a composite filling, our Dentist may recommend an onlay, which is a manufactured filling that is placed over the entire cusp of the tooth. Another option may be a dental crown.. Kindly schedule an appointment or Get in touch today.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.