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Having a general check-up and clean at our Dental clinic provides many benefits, and not just for your oral health. Regular Dental Check-ups help maintain your smile and its appearance which helps improve your confidence and self-esteem. Having regular check-ups also helps our Dentists get to know you better and hopefully, you get to know us too.

General Check-Up and Clean

Dental Check-ups – What Can Patients Expect?

We understand that you may feel nervous at the prospect of a general check-up and you hope that no significant problems are found -particularly if you haven’t visited a dentist in a while.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help get your teeth as perfect as they can be!

The main benefit of a general check-up and clean in our Dental Clinic is that it helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Without regular checks, there is a greater risk of developing gum disease and cavities. A general check-up and clean is divided into two main parts – a medical examination and dental cleaning.

The Medical Examination

Before any treatment can be carried out, our Dentists will review your medical history. The purpose of this is to determine the current state of your teeth, and discuss other health issues you may have suffered previously that may be relevant to your Dental Treatment.

Your Dentist will carefully check your mouth, teeth and gums looking for any signs of infection, tartar and cavities. Tartar is impossible to remove by brushing alone, and special equipment is needed. We also use the latest OPG digital X-rays to identify any problems such as impacted wisdom teeth, cysts and abscesses that aren’t visually apparent.

The final step involves checking your head, tongue, and jaw for any signs of cancer. The earlier cancer is detected, the better chance of a successful outcome.

Dental Cleaning

Assuming the examination doesn’t show any abnormalities, the Dentist will start the cleaning process. This is known as a ‘scale and clean’ and is carried out using Ultrasonic Scalers that provide a deep clean around the gumline.

Once your teeth are thoroughly clean, they will be polished using a fluoride paste to remove any stains and plaque from the surface, leaving your teeth sparkling, and your mouth feeling fresh. Get in touch today.